Meet the team at balletballet September 15 2014

Meet the team at balletballet HQ.

I'm Karley, owner and driving force behind balletballet.  I started ballet when I was 4 and went on to do tap and modern.  Once I left school I gave up to make way for university studies and a career.  I have since had two daughters who also love to dance!  I now stick to dancing around the kitchen and dropping the girls to ballet classes.  I also enjoy choreographing for local groups and schools.  I have to have a bit of show business in my life!  

Jason, my husband, is my technical department!  Anything to do with the website is handled by him.  He also likes to dance but only if a disco tune is playing!   A keen runner and cyclist, he is far more at home pounding the streets rather than in a dance studio.

Biba, 7 year old daughter and biggest critic!  Quality control is her strong point, all products have to pass her stringent testing before they make it on to the website!  She is desperate for a pair of tap shoes.

Minnie, 4 year old daughter and fan of balletballet.  Minnie thinks everything on the website is "just so pretty".  She loves ballet and generally anything girly.